Riccio Productions offers affordable rates for any budget. Whether it is production, post-production, design, or photography, We understand the needs of their clients and how to make sure the Client gets the most out of any financial situation.

For pricing on individual photos and artwork please visit the Event Photo page HERE


Production includes anything from, filming an event, to covering a photography session


Post-Production includes edits (photo, video, etc.) uploads, alterations, designs, layouts, and creations


When covering an event (competition, occasion, engagement etc.) Riccio Productions requires a $200/day payment for equipement fees

Video Pricing

Riccio Productions offers a variety of different services from videos to graphics. Below is a short price list with some examples of projects that are offered. If you have a question about pricing on a project not listed here, please feel free to contact us HERE

$500 – $5,000

Promotional videos are projects that focus on an outlined message from a program/institution/individual/company etc. These projects focus on making sure the message the Client is trying to get across is clear. Here are some example promotional videos:

$400 – $5,000

Event Highlight videos are projects that cover a specific occasion/competition/event. These include anything from weddings, to sports events. Here are some example Event Highlights:

Photography/Design Pricing

$150 – $600

Riccio Productions can create custom artwork just for you! These can include individual posters, graphics, schedules and anything else you can think of! Check out some examples below: