Welcome Everyone! Thanks so much for visiting Riccio Productions. My name is Geoff Riccio, and I greatly appreciate you taking the time to check out my first ever blog post! I wanted to take this time to sort-of introduce myself and talk a little about what it is my company does, I hope you enjoy!

So first-off, my name if Geoff Riccio, and that’s pronounced phonetically Jeff Rick-ee-oh. Anyway, I started this company in 2011, while I was in grad-school actually. I graduated from Rhode Island College, majoring in Mass Media Communications, and started working in video production with different small organizations and athletic programs afterwards. It wasn’t until a few years after, however, that I really started growing. Since I started in 2011, I’ve expanded greatly, but there where certainly some hiccups along the way. It took me a year having my own business before I even owned my own camera, as weird as that sounds. Nowadays I have a large collection of cameras, lenses, etc. but starting out it was pretty laughable how little my company had. I basically started just doing videos for college/high school wrestling programs, and that was it. I was a wrestler all the way through college, so I just stayed with what I knew best. It took some time, but I was able to expand into these schools and universities and ended up covering all of their sports programs rather than just a single one.

I get questions all the time regarding my photography and design projects, and it’s kind of funny how I got into all of that. I always enjoyed design, and I had a small foundation having learned some in high school. I messed around a lot with it, and ending up getting pretty good. Problem was, you can’t just create artwork unless you own the photos! It’s something that now I’m very stingy about, but initially I didn’t understand the concept. So, because I wanted to continue to do design work without having copyright issues, I decided to take my own photos. So I basically became a photographer by just wanting to edit my own photos, lol! Nowadays I do photography all over the country, mostly for wrestling, but like video, I’m sure that will expand outward as I grow. As it stands, I’ve been a photographer for just over a year, and I’ve already covered 8 national events.

Hopefully my first blog didn’t ut anyone to sleep. I’m sure I will come up with some cool topics once I get rolling!

Thanks for Reading!!


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